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Enish Africa (Restaurant Review)

Enish restaurant is one of the most popular Nigerian restaurant here in the UK with different branches across London. Enish Africa is a new branch that has recently been opened on Old Kent road. The reason it has 'Africa'/ what sets it apart from other Enish branches is the fact that it has the buffet style option of meals across Africa- specifically West & East Africa. When I saw this new branch opening with this option, I knew it was a perfect fit for Debby's Kitchen blog- as one of the aims of this this page is exploring food from all over Africa. Note, the buffet experience is only available on weekends- from Friday to Sunday. Definitely perfect for the weekend out with friends/family.

I've already been to some of Enish restaurants which is where Nigeria food is served. I wouldn't say I've been 100% pleased/satisfied with food in the branches I went to. I think it's because of how Enish is branded, my expectations were so high and the taste of some of the things I ordered didn't meet that. I was a bit unsure of going to the Enish Africa, but thought to give Enish one more try- 3rd time lucky eh?! I visited with my cousins and sisters and so the review below is not just from myself but also comments they made so it's not just my view. Hopefully this makes this review a bit more diverse as you read.


The ambience at Enish Africa is actually really beautiful. The floral decor gives it pretty and chic vibe.


The service was ok, we didn't have any particularly bad experience. As it standard for Enish restaurants, each table has a 'bell' that you can use to call on the waiters. The waiters were quick and efficient.


Now, I can say Enish redeemed themselves for me this time around!!! 3rd time lucky indeed! The food were so delicious! Not just the Nigerian food but even the Ghanaian food I tried tasted delicious and authentic- I was urpsiued at how delicious and authentic the shito (ghananian chill sauce tasted). Because it's predominantly a Nigerian restaurant, I was worried food from other countries may not taste as authentic. That was really not he case so yes very well done to Enish.

The only down side to the food which one of my cousin wasn't too pleased about was the lack of variety and also how she was expecting more than just the standard/basisc food specifically the Nigerian meals. Basically she wanted to see things that she would easily make at home. I thought this was a fair point to make but if that's what you're expecting as well then, that's not what you would get at Enish Africa. She also expected other starters such as Nigerian small chops. The only starter that was there was just pepper soup. I wasn't too fussed about this but just thought to mention in order to manage expectations. Just to give you an idea of some of the meals (by country)that were available when we went:

Nigeria: Jollof Rice, Ayamase, Fried Rice, Efo Riro, Fried Fish, Peppered Beef, Pepper soup

Ghana: Jollof Rice, Waakye, Shito

Senegal: Senegalese Fried rice

Ivory Coast: Attieke

Uganda: Lumonde (Sweet Potatoes), Chapati, Bijanjaalo, Matooke, Binyebwa

After starting with the West African dishes I had, I was so full. But I managed to try out a little bit from the Ugandan section and from the little I tasted, I can say it was delicious. I had Lumonde, Chapati and Bijanjaalo.

In terms of drink, I had the standard Nigerian fanta- can never go wrong with that! I didn't really have a look at the drinks menu as I knew Fanta was what I wanted but from past experience at Enish, alcoholic and non alcoholics options are available. So if you wanted to try out say chapman or palm wine, I'm sure they've got you!


The buffet was £35 (as at the time we went). I'd say it is a fair price for an African buffet.


I phone up the branch to make a book and it was quick and efficient. No deposits needed, just the date and number of people.

Getting There

If you're not driving there, you can get there by bus or an uber. If driving there, I believe there are car park spaces around but I didn't check them out as I got there with an Uber.

Overall rating/review

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Enish Africa. Would I go there again for this buffet style experience ? Yes, definitely. Next time though, I will make sure to try out other countries' meal first! Overall I will give my experience at Enish a 7/10.

You can check out their website here. Also check out my Instagram page for more videos and pictures from my visit here

Please note, these reviews are all my personal views and I have not been paid to do so nor do I have any affiliation with the restaurants I review. This is just something I am doing as part of something I enjoy doing- eating out :)

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